Best-concealed stripping for your partition and wall display needs

Looking for the right products that create stunning wall displays for a retail store? No doubt, Concealed Stripping is the right choice and helps you to minimize the partition of wall displays. Concealed Stripping acts as a functional system to separate the products that you want to focus on in your retail store! Concealed stripping is available in different panels ranging from 16mm to 2400mm lengths! 

For your visual display, it is time to choose concealed stripping based on your texture and color! If you want to choose the best-concealed stripping for your partition and wall display needs, join hand with the Applied Design! We are one of the most popular and renowned Concealed stripping suppliers across the country and are dedicated to offering classic design stripping for your retail needs. 

We are the best suppliers and stock up wide ranges of stripping at the most competitive prices. If you are searching for the classic and contemporary design of concealed stripping, we assist you in choosing the best options to meet your needs! Our products find applications in different ways, such as glass shelves, display prongs, hanging rails, crossbars, and more! 

Why choose us?

Concealed stripping helps you to partition the wall displays on your choice to make it attractive and eye-catching! We are one of the leading and one-stop destinations to buy concealed stripping. Our team helps you to design the best stripping to hold products in different sections. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small or large retail shop; concealed stripping offers great displays for your products! In addition, you will find custom designs, and you can tailor your basic needs to separate the products. 

  • At Applied Design, we have the widest range of concealed stripping in stock. We offer 100% guaranteed and quality products to our loyal customers. 
  • With our high-quality products, we are the best suppliers and maintain a strong relationship with our loyal customers. We offer fast delivery, and choose us again for your next retail display project.
  • Our custom concealed stripping is unique from others, and you will find long-lasting results. Choose the best designs that you love the most at unbeatable prices. 
  • We work with retailers to create custom fixturing and wall displays to offer proven results to enhance productivity. 
  • With vast industrial experience, Applied Design has gained trust from the customers and achieves custom solutions to meet your needs. In addition, you will get the right concealed stripping on time and on your budget! 

Our systematic approach!

It is no doubt that every retailer is not the same! Keeping in mind, our team and we help you to provide the best and customized concealed stripping to increase sales and revenues. With our unique products, you can create a great opportunity to engage more customers with your brand. Our unique designs and construction method helps you to enjoy fixtures in different ways! 

  • Conceptual Design:

Our manufacturers help you to design attractive and contemporary style fixtures to separate wall displays. We realize your dream design and help you to achieve the same! With our different ranges and panels of concealed stripping, you can create unique designs for store fixtures and achieve the desired brand outcomes in a short time! 

  • Functional Systems:

If customers reach your retail store, you need to provide a better environment to access the products that they want to buy! We help you to create an ease of use environment in the retail store that you are looking for. Our concealed striping is very popular due to its enhanced features, 

  • Easy to use and fix
  • Customizable 
  • Affordable price
  • Portable 
  • Can be cut to order
  • Can be powder coated
  • Available in different panels and sizes

Fast Rollout:

We are one of the most renowned concealed stripping suppliers in New Zealand and stock wide ranges and sizes of aluminum stripping! It doesn’t matter where you are; we deliver the desired products on time to any location. With our fast rollout, you can get your products on time without any hassles!  

  • Fast delivery 
  • Large warehouse 
  • New, improved designs 
  • Contemporary, minimal look
  • Customized fixtures 


We offer Concealed Stripping at the most competitive prices that will never make a big hole in your pocket. We bring you a comprehensive range of wall fixtures for your retail store to make customers engage with your products! 

If you want to buy eye-catching wall display accessories, it is time to browse the Retail Shop Display walls & accessories -Applied Design! You will find different styles and ranges of concealed stripping on your budget! 

Concealed stripping- the minimal shopfitting system!

Concealed Stripping is the best option for any wall or self-supporting displays where a glossy look is needed. If you want to create a complete fixture system in your retail store, it is time to go ahead with aluminum concealed stripping. Without a doubt, concealed stripping offers a great look for the background of the products to grab the attention of the audience. 

Adding the stylish concealed stripping on your retail store helps you to boost sales and revenues. A proper alignment of the product at a retail store will help you to engage more audience with your products. Some of the different types of concealed stripping are,

  • Concealed Stripping Front Hang Rail 
  • Concealed Stripping Hang Rail Crank Arm
  • Concealed Stripping Hang Rail Waterfall Arm
  • Concealed stripping Shelf Support Brackets
  • Concealed stripping Shelf support Brackets with Hang Rail.
  • Concealed stripping Side Shelf Brackets

Our concealed stripping is specially designed for partitioning walls to display the products to minimize the space between the two products. Our products are completely scratch proof and would never break easily! 

Who are we?

Applied Design is one of the most renowned suppliers of concealed suppliers of all sizes and panels. We are ready to ship a large volume of concealed products on your budget. We are committed to offering wall and accessories to offer a great look at your products to engage more audience. With our excellent customer service, clients want to buy products again and again with us! 

  • Our dedicated team is well-versed in fabricating and designing the concealed stripping to fulfill your needs and requirements. 
  • You will find value for your money along with our exceptional service. With our cutting-edge technologies and advanced manufacturing facilities, you will get the desired and accurate concealed stripping that you are looking for! 
  • We lend our ears to your requests and help you to design the best quality of concealed stripping to stand out your products from the crowd. 
  • Our concealed stripping products are available in different sizes and panels, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. 
  • We help you to customize the designs and offer a great way to increase sales and revenues. With our concealed stripping, you can give a more attractive look to your product! 

If you want to provide a unique appearance for your retail store, it is time to browse the exclusive categories of Applied Design to buy concealed stripping! We assure you to provide high-quality products, and you can get the best and worth your money! Check out the categories of concealed stripping at our official site and choose the one that suits your retail needs! 

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